Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Southern Vietnam

I'm sitting on the computer in Phnom Pehn, Cambodia now. Our bus here was a pleasant surprise. We were a bit suspicious after having one bad experience in Vietnam. Please guys, don't travel with Camel travels since half of their route is operated by T.M. Brothers which is the worst bus company in Vietnam... The drivers and staff were really rude and the bus really dirty with the beds falling apart and toilet full of pee. After yelling at the office for half an hour because the bus really wasn't what we were supposed to get, they just tried to blame us from smoking in the toilet which we didn't do. Great!

After Hanoi, our first stop going South was Hue. We had such a awesome day there riding with motorbikes in a bigger group. The perfect day had a perfect ending watching the sunset at the beach.

In Hoi An we strolled around the streets of the old town and I designed my own dress and had it made. I was so excited making drafts of the dress, that was my paradise ;) If I would have had more money, I would have had shoes made too.

Nha Trang was a small beach town full of Russian tourists. There we relaxed on the beach and did a jeep tour to the Fairy spring and sand dunes.

 What I'll remember of Vietnam is learning lots of interesting facts about the war, the crazy traffic, ice coffee and pho (noodle soup, which I finally got to try and many times) and haggling hard for things. I think my route is going the right way since Vietnam seemed much easier to travel after China so I liked it but now being in Cambodia and seeing how much nicer people are here, I like this even more.


20e superior hotelroom in Hoi an

Old town Hoi an

Sand dunes and my new 9e shoes :)

Ice coffee & soup breakfast

Ho Chi Minh - Why need a stationary wagon when you can fit your family on a motorbike?


  1. wow caro its always so interesting to read about your adventures! So you would not recommend to travel vietnam is that right? I was more interested in cambodia anyhow so now I am sooo exvited to hear how you like it there. are you still stravelling with sandra?
    Lots of love miss ya!!

  2. great to hear that someone's reading the blog ;) i did like vietnam also. just that cambodia felt really easy to travel after that. but for me it wasn't such a issue to haggle about things and argue a bit before getting what you want, i was prepared for that. so the countries where just quite different but i did like vietnam too. how is germany? weird being back home? we are still together but i think in a few days we go to different places. lots of hugs! :)