Monday, February 27, 2012

Finally here

After almost a weekend of travelling, I finally safely arrived here in Auckland yesterday. Even
though I love flying, two 11 hour flights and one 2,5h were quite much.
Some of you can propably picture my feeling when I flew over Australia ;) I would have
propably jumped up from my seat if I hadn’t already disturbed my seat neighbor
whole night by not being able to sleep. I think that moment it really hit me
that I’m in the world of travelling again!
Yesterday I spent just pretty much sleeping away my jet lag and enjoying the free ‘meal’
(more like a entrĂ©e) of the hostel. Then today I did a free city bus tour and we went walking under the city bridge. The city looks quite much like Aussie cities with lots of one storied houses in the suburbs and same kind of street signs and banners on shops. Here it’s just
really green. There are trees even in the city centre.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Bye bye winter and Finland, hello Kiwis!

Soon I'm off to the airport, I have 34 hours of travelling ahead before I get to New Zealand. Well luckily I love airports and travelling by plane. I still can't believe I'm leaving again, it will propably hit me in the airplane or when I open the hostel door.

Here we go then! WHIPPIII!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Butterflies in mun vatsa!

So I know how I was telling everyone I won't be writing a blog next time I travel after the rather varying success I had with the last one... But I figured out it would be the easiest way to keep everyone updated by writing my latest news in one place. This time I'm just not gonna even try write everything here but pour my feelings and greetings here when I have time and feel like it. As much as I love writing in Finnish, I think some of my most eager readers would prefer English so I'm gonna cater to that ;) (maybe with a few exceptions if I feel really home sick..) Haha so now anybody can't have a say about my trembling Finnish when I haven't spoken it in a few months at all :D

I can't belive I'm back on the road again soon! :) I'm already so used to being back home. When I came back from Oz my plan was to enjoy the beautiful, bright Finnish summer and then escape again before the dark, rainy autumn, but tadaa once again plans change. But I have enjoyed experiencing some adult life back home. (okay still living at my parents but that part I covered in Oz ;)) I've had the perfect job for now, my first paid vacation and my first company pre-Christmas dinner etc... How did I grow up so quick? (Have to slow down a bit...)

Anyway, I've been way excited planning my trip and am really waiting for my new adventure. I'm excited to see really different cultures and to actually leave alone. And seeing how I'll manage if I meet people who don't talk English (or Finnish :D). Tomorrow I'm sorting out some visas and still have to see how my stuff fits in my bag. If you saw my style of packing and amount of stuff last time you'll know this will be interesting (this time I'm determined to carry only one farely small bag!)

Two weeks left and then it starts! YAIKS!

ps. The weird lines after some sentences are exclamation marks, darn you font looking so nice but a bit confusing... Well you'll get the feel of travelling if it's sometimes hard to understand what I'm trying to say :D