Thursday, April 5, 2012

City life

Terkut aidille!

I boarded the plane in Auckland lst weeks Wednesday night and arrived in the middle of busy traffic, hassle and skyscrapers of Hong Kong next morning. O had a bit og trouble boarding the plane because I didn't have a ticket ou of China yet. Luckily a helpful staffmember helped me book a train from Nanning to Hanoi. It was really expensive but I didn't have to pay it yet and got a quotation to my email right away so it should get me to China and I'll by a cheaper bus ticket there.

Agnes was waiting for me at the airport and took me to her sisters apartment where I've been staying for the past week. From there she took me right away to Mong kok to have lunch Cantonese style and see the ladies market. I was hungry and made the mistake of eating myself totally full. After lunch we tasted several more things and then I felt seasick on the ferry to Cheung chau. Next day Agnes got a day off and we checked out the big Buddha statue and in the evening we had dinner with her sister Diamond and her friend. We also wondered around at the night market.

Durng my week I tasted the most bizarre things and ate something new with pretty much every meal. My absolute favourites were eggtarts and hot pot: a pot of boiling soup where you dip raw meat or seafood to cook it. I spent only one day alone since everyone's been so nice to take me around to explore the city. Hong Kong is busy and huge which isn't my ideal but there's lots to see and it's a unique mix of the west and east like every guidebook would tell you. The habits and way of life are quite western but the people Asian. I feel it was a great place to start an adventure in Asia since here you can mostly cope with english. I was really lucky to stay wih Diamond though since the hostels in HK are really expensive and either a bit dodgy or then far from the centre.

I also walked on Hollywood street in Soho, had lunch in a busy lunchtime restaurant on HK island (seemed to be too busy, they brought a sign to our table that it's soon to be taken away because it's on the middle of a walkway) and saw heaps of neon lights during the night. The city is definitely at it's best during night time.

Agnes' whole family was extremely nice to me and I had two dinners at her place. I did heaps more but you'll have to ask me more about it in Finland. Today we'll go to Shenzen to enjoy a 3 hour massage and overnight sleep for a total of about 5euros. After the 20e hostels of NZ, I can literally feel in my wallet being in Asia now. And it's gonna get even cheeper. China will definately be hard to travel with the language barrier but I have had time to get my plans well sorted here. Agnes has been a great help and in Hanoi I'll meet Sandra. I'm happy to travel with someone for a bit longer.

Soon I will enter the world of facebook silence and sign language. Next time I come to Hong Kong I'll come with an empty suitcase since it as so annoying not to be able to shop now with all the cheap shops!

Finland visits Tsing ji shopping mall

Tai o

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